Jared and Eve

When Lynette, the CEO of My Wedding Wish put out an urgent appeal, via Facebook, for help for a wedding that was only a month away, the response, as usual, was incredible. The groom had found out 2 weeks previously that he only had about 8 weeks to live, so time was of the essence if he was to marry his love.

Fast forward a month to Saturday 15 July 2023 when our Brisbane My Wedding Wish crew came together to get Jared and Eve married at the botanical gardens.  Jared’s diagnosis was only recent and your priorities really change, when you’re told you have a terminal illness and the prognosis isn’t great.  His priority was to marry his girl – because love is really all that matters.  The love these two have for each other is both beautiful and infectious, as are their humour and cheeky sides.

We asked Jared to tell us about their relationship and this is what he told us:

“We met via a typical embarrassing Tinder meet-up.  She came over to my place and I didn’t find out until months after, that as I came out to meet her, she straight away messaged her friend and said ‘Oh great, I’m in trouble … he has tattoos and I’m in love already!’

We have a very special relationship because we both had traumatic upbringings but always believed in trying to better ourselves.  In order to date me I made a rule that if she wanted to date exclusively, and start a relationship, then she needed to quit smoking for 3 months. She stopped that very day!  Since the beginning, we have both always given one another goals of making sure we never miss therapy, or our medication.  We firmly believe that if we support ourselves mentally and physically, even when things are tough, we are making ourselves into the best possible version of ourselves for one another.

When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer with less than 8 weeks to live, there was so much love and lots of tears but having each other side by side until we meet again in the next life is the most important thing.  We are soul mates.”


Jared lost his battle with cancer on the 2 September 2023  – just 7 weeks after he married his soul mate, Eva.

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:

Wish Leader:

Gail Sutherland (Celebrant)



Dee Weisner


Ju Butteri

Co-ordinator and Driver:

Dale Mansfield and Tony

Formal Wear:

Formally Ever After


Julie Griffiths


Monique Hannafin


A J Hayes Photography


Kat Cherry

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French Affair Hire

Wedding Transport:

Kristen and Kyle Hartman