Matthew and Cara

Matt was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer (Gliablastoma Grade IV) 7 years ago, when he was only 22 years of age. He has had multiple operations and various treatments to try and slow the progression. During that period Matt had to learn to walk and talk and use everyday things again, but Matt’s spirit always shines through it all. Each time he got a little remission; he’d start a new job and begin to get on his feet only for it to recur. The couple are currently going through IVF to try and have one thing on the earth that is Matt’s and so that Cara can have a lasting memory. Matt re-commenced chemotherapy treatment in September 2020 in an attempt to give him more time. His cancer has spread and he is starting to lose his sight. His medical team have advised that he will lose his memory and sight and also the ability to move and function with his right hand which was impaired through previous operations.


Their one wish was to be married and have a baby before Matt’s health deteriorated further and that’s when Matt’s Support worker made contact with My Wedding Wish. Sharon from All Perfectly Planned contacted suppliers who generously donated their services for Matt and Cara’s wedding.

Cara summed up their relation and hopes for the future by saying:

“We don’t have to say anything to each other to enjoy the company of each other, we just can sit in a room for hours and just enjoy the time we have, Between me working to pay all medications that Matt needs to survive it’s been a uphill battle but through it all Matt smiles, laughs and enjoys life and every second we get together is priceless. Our hope for the future is that Matt gets to see our child born before his health deteriorates further and we get to spend some times together and try and get all the photos and memories I can before all this happen”.

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:


Rachael Davies

Bridegroom Wear:

Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal



Toowoomba Flower Market


Danielle at Shim Sharee Salon


Harna at Sweet Cheeks Mobile Makeup


Matthew Eastgate Photography

Venue Styling:

All Perfectly Planned