My Wedding Wish was a registered national Charity from 2016 to 2024 that has been gifting weddings to the terminally ill around Australia since 2013.  It was founded by Lynette Maguire, Sunshine Coast Marriage Celebrant, and started as a local project in 2007.  

My Wedding Wish is no longer a registered charity but is still open to couples wanting to be legally married (*must be able to meet the legal requirements) and commitment ceremonies for those who don’t meet legal requirements (eg no time to find birth certificates). Like falling in love, we do not discriminate and applications are open to all ages, genders, abilities and religious beliefs.

Gail Sutherland, Brisbane Celebrant, is continuing the work that My Wedding Wish began by managing applications from couples.

Generous My Wedding Wish suppliers are able to ensure that our couples can have a care and burden free celebration without the stress of organisational challenges, time issues and limiting budgets.


Watch CEO Lynette Maguire – tell the story!

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