Alli and John

Alli and John’s story is one of my favourites – what a fabulous couple. They married in the States 22 years ago after having known each other for only 6 weeks.

The day of the wedding was 42 degrees and they had no idea where the church was, so parked in the vicinity (several blocks away as it turned out). When they finally arrived, sweaty and exhausted, the Clerk asked if they’d like to change into their wedding outfits. A resounding “naaah” – so they were married in their walking gear – Alli in a pair of shorts!

When we contacted Alli to let her know her application had been accepted, she was SO excited.

One of the gifts was 50% off a wedding gown from Exquisite Gowns by Yvonne (this shop is amazing: brand new designer gowns that normally retail at about $3000 – and Yvonne sells nothing over $500 – her prices are A-mazing!

Alli’s cancer is very rare and there’s really no ‘western’ medicine that will work on it – so she’s just being awesome and enjoying life!