Ben and Tanika

Ben and Tanika met in 2017 at a friend’s party, and it wasn’t until 2018 after Ben’s first fiancé passed away, and Tanika has split from her partner, that the pair reconnected and were soon firm friends spending all their time together. Within only a month of their initial courtship they were both smitten and in love. Life was looking up for them both.

The Doctor told Ben not to worry about the pea-sized lump behind his ear, so the couple enjoyed their time together, dreaming of owning their own home and exploring this beautiful country. “It didn’t matter what we faced, we would face it together”, explained Ben.

With the lumps now quite large and others emerging, Ben’s doctor agreed to a needle aspiration. After more tests: an MRI and full PET scan, Ben was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. Then with a prognosis of less than two years, he offered Tanika an out: run away there and then because it wasn’t fair to burden her with this.


Of course, Tanika has remained staunchly by Ben’s side through two brain surgeries, a bout of meningitis, almost dying from an allergic reaction to antibiotic and through all the tears and nausea. “With Tanika by my side, I feel invincible,” says Ben.

A recent trip to the hospital and another scan has revealed the fast spread of the cancer, and now Ben has only weeks to live.

The couple submitted their Wedding Wish Application on the 28 October for a Day of the Dead themed wedding (to honour those who have passed before them),  Lynette Maguire, CEO and Founder of My Wedding wish, jumped into action and the wedding was set for just 3 weeks ahead, on the 22 November  Ben promised Tanika he wouldn’t die before they could marry!

This is My Wedding Wish’s very first Western Australian gifted wedding and the suppliers set the bar high for the rest of our Chapters, with the suppliers who took part in the day, in theme as well.

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:

Wish Leader:

Delwyn Joy Klevenow



Jenny Golding Baron




Elaine Dinnigan




Robyn Hoffmann

Bridal Veil:

A Veiled Affair


That's Delish


Enchanting Petals


Pocketful of Posies



Aura Hairdressing


Party Hire:

Hire Society


The French Click


Silver Key Films

Wedding Transport:

Thirties Limousines

Wedding Transport:

Xtreeme Custom Restorations



Wedding Transport:

Bus Around Tours






Kings Park

Marketing and PR:

Mango PR


City of Perth Council