Cass and Brett (sadly the wedding did not take place)

Cass and Brett had known each other for years as they were both from the same country town. In Christmas of 2013, Catherine stopped by Brett’s parent’s home asking them if they’d mind her daughter’s puppy while the two had a holiday to Tasmania.

Brett said, “Okay, I’ll be honest! I knew it was Catherine and thought ‘hello! isn’t that a pretty dress she was wearing’. Then only weeks later Cass message Brett and from there the two started seeing each other and by Valentine’s day 2014 – the two were officially a couple.

Brett says, “I guess knowing Catherine years before we even considered getting together made it easier building that bond and closeness and sharing fun times sooner than never knowing her at all from the start, we have both been country orientated from a young age growing up around country music, animals and fresh country air. We have both learnt from and taught each other so much from the start. Catherine being around horses her whole life and me learning a lot more there, as I’ve always been a two wheels sort of guy. If I fall off I have only me to blame! Catherine has shown me so much – even getting me in the saddle (I’ve ridden once or twice in the past both times ending badly on the ground). I’ve always had a passion for fishing and boating having been around boats my whole life with experience and respect for the water at a young age. I was able to show Catherine my passion and the three of us would love to get away and throw a line in when we could – even though we never seemed to catch much! They were special times we shared.”

Then in June 2017 we received the terrible news that Cass was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cass endured 6 months of chemotherapy and then disappointment with surgical decisions made until soon nothing more could be done for her.

The cancer was attacking the liver, bone in the lower spine, and lungs plus other small mets in other parts of Catherine’s body. In mid January, 2019 and two weeks in hospital Cass lost most strength in her legs leaving her wheelchair bound most of the time. In March, the couple received even worse news: it was time to start preparing for the worst outcome and Brett was shattered when it was time to move Cass into palliative care. Brett asks, “How do explain to a 12yr old what palliative care is and what was to become of her mother who she looked up to and loved so much?”

The wedding that never was

The Sunshine Coast is the head office of My Wedding Wish and it’s a place where most places have heard of the work we do. Because of this, CEO Lynette was able to pull Cass and Brett’s wedding big white wedding together in only a few hours and with the generosity of the wedding community the wedding was set for 30th April 2019 to be held at Maleny Dairies – Cass’ wish.

Cass wanted a purple wedding dress, so we put a call out into the community and soon the bush telegraph delivered and within days Lynette was showing Cass the beautiful purple wedding dress that a member of the public had express posted.

Sadly, Cass’ health declined dramatically and one week before the wedding on the 22 April 2019 , Cass passed surrounded by Brett and her daughter.

We would like to acknowledge the following Suppliers who generously offered to donate their services but who never got to bring Cass the magic she so longed for: