Janine and Terry

It was in 2010 that Janine and Terry met. They met and chatted all night and got on so well and so easily it was like it was meant to be. One week later they went out and since then they have been inseparable – living and working together and enjoying each other’s company.

in February 2016, Janine was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent intense radiation and Brachcotherapy which not only caused emotional trauma, but also financial and psychological stresses also.

The couple really wanted to marry – Terry had been asking Jan to become his wife for years, but now it seemed that a wedding would be well out of their reach. Then someone on social media mentioned My Wedding Wish and Janine grew hopeful and was so overwhelmed when she found that her application to marry her love would be granted.


A big white wedding was organised and Wish Leader and Celebrant Heather Thiele did an amazing job of pulling everything together for the couple. But nerves soon kicked in and the couple changed their plans: through My Wedding Wish they eloped instead.

The elopement took place on the Gold Coast at James Overell Park in March 2019

During the intimate ceremony, Janine spoke the vows she’d written. We thought you’d like to take a peek at part of them:

You have been by my side for the good and bad
When I’m in a dark place, you are my light
When I’m sad, you’re my happiness
And when I’m scared, your arms are my safe place

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:

Wish Leader:

Heather Thiele

Venue Styling:

Gail Sutherland

We would like to acknowledge the following Suppliers who generously offered to donate their services for the originally planned wedding but Janine’s and Terry’s decision to have an elopement style wedding meant the suppliers were not needed: