Jodi and Andrew

On Sunday, 15th October 2017, Jodi and Andrew have been granted their wedding wish and married in front of loved ones at The Renmark Irrigation Trust, in Renmark, South Australia.

The beautiful Bride Jodi and her handsome groom Andrew were surrounded by their family and friends in an intimate garden ceremony amongst the roses. So much love for this couple who face some tough times ahead as Jodi commences a journey that she will share with her husband Andrew. They chose very heartfelt vows to read to each other and here is an excerpt :

Together we are better than we could ever hope to be alone, and today I give you my love, my trust, and my fidelity forever. You will always be the best part of my day.

Jodi Henderson and Andrew Scarr met three years ago and have never looked back. They are soulmates and friends and have faced the obstacles and joys that life inevitably throws at most couples and their journey together has made them stronger. Their current hurdle is a ‘life taking’ one as Jodi was diagnosed with Chronic Leucocytic Leukemia in 2015 which has recently been upgraded from the ‘watch list’ to ‘acute’. This upgrade of Jodie’s diagnosis means that she will start an aggressive chemotherapy treatment as soon as possible. Jodi’s ‘living’ wish is to marry her Andrew and formalise their relationship, but more importantly to create those memories with and for him, their children and grandchildren, family and friends.

The couple were given the unique gift of growing bigger than their situation on this day, where love does conquer tragedy just for those moments.

The wedding was gifted by some of South Australia’s finest My Wedding Wish suppliers who have connected and poured their love into this celebration of a lifetime for Jodi and Andrew.

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:

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