Marty and Anita

Marty and Anita met just a little over 2 years ago through a friend. For Anita it was love at first sight. Marty was the epitome of her teenage crush – tall, tanned, dreadlocks, muscly, and a killer smile that had her swooning.

On their second date, Marty admitted he had no biological children, however dreamed of one day having his own. Anita, having 2 teenaged daughters, thought she would never go down that path again, but seeing the love and dedication in her man’s eyes, she knew she’d have to change her perspective.

Fast forward two years, their life was picturesque. Perfect even. Regular family holidays, camping, road trips – there wasn’t anything more Marty and Anita could ask for. Anita’s daughters loved Marty from the start and found a fatherly figure within him. The only thing that could complete them was a baby of their own.

April 2018 the couple were elated with the news that Marty was finally going to be a daddy! Feeling absolutely blessed with this gift, they found a bigger home that could tend to the growing family. Planning an overseas trip to Bali, subtle hints of an engagement in the cards, and baby names were the main topics of conversation.

But life doesn’t always let you live out your ‘fairytale ending’. One horrible day in September, they were given the news that Marty, who had been suffering from headaches, had a small brain aneurysm. They cancelled their Bali trip, and accepted the fact he couldn’t travel. Despite this news, they knew they could fight it with surgery. 

From the aneurysm, Marty was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour – a glioma on his brain stem: the start of their nightmare.

Being pregnant at 7 months, all hopes and happiness began to fade. However, with the love and constant support from friends and family, they persisted in throwing a baby shower. They all needed this day to celebrate and, even for a short while, forget about the nightmare they now must live in. Whilst thanking our guests, Marty got down on one knee and proposed! Everyone in the room was crying tears of happiness.

Anita says: “To say, I am ecstatic to legally become Marty’s wife, is a complete understatement. I cannot wait to see him hold his baby daughter for the first time, in December. I do not know how long I have with this man, and it is horrifyingly scary, but all I do know is that I love him with all of my heart, and I am going to give him the best of what life has to offer. He deserves a fairytale ending.”

Marty added:

“This diagnosis has now driven me to cherish every moment. Seize every opportunity. Marry the love of my life and best friend, before our daughter makes her grand entrance into this world. With Anita by my side, it gives me the strength to conquer anything.”

Of course, their application for a My Wedding Wish wedding was approved the same day it was received, and when Lynette rang Marty, who was in an ambulance being transported home from hospital, he cried tears of joy.   Our Gold Coast crew of angels sprang into action – a date was set and Marty and Anita’s dream wedding was grown and nurtured until it was perfect. 

Under sunny skies, in the grounds of Bartle House, Anita looking stunning, and walked with her two daughters to marry her Prince Charming.  A beautiful day, with so much love, the couple were and are blissfully happy, and now await the birth of their much loved and long awaited daughter.

We received a gorgeous letter of thanks from Mr and Mrs Adams.


Read Marty and Anita’s story in Channel Nine’s Honey online lifestyle magazine.

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