Max and Kay

What an incredible celebration My Wedding Wish were proud to pull together for Max and Kay on 4th November 2016 at the Canberra Hospital.

Max and Kay fell in love many years ago and married, very much in love. They had two daughters but as life would have it they separated and eventually divorced 40 years ago.

But love works in mysterious ways…
The couple recently rekindled their relationship and they realised they were still very much in love.

The ACT MWW crew really shone again when they pulled together a gorgeous ceremony for Max and Kay in under 48 hours!

When Max was admitted to the Canberra Hospital (TCH) in October 2016 with a Grade IV glioblastoma multiforme, one of his first wishes was remarry his love, Kay as soon as possible. He was resolute on this wish.

Thankfully his Social Worker, Susie remembered the beautiful wedding My Wedding Wish ( provided to another couple in the ACT in a similar situation earlier this year and she contacted Head Office in Queensland and applied for Max and Kay to be gifted a My Wedding Wish wedding prior to Max’s treatment which was due to start on the Monday.

The application was received and approved by 5pm on the Wednesday afternoon and our Operations team contacted the ACT State Wish Leader Karen Dahlstrom who was contacted to pull together a gorgeous ceremony on hospital grounds on the Friday.
There are legal ramifications to getting married, and giving one month’s notice of your intent to marry is one of them. Our My Wedding Wish Project Leader and Celebrant Judy Zilber, soon arranged for a Shortening of Time through the legal channels and a day after receiving the application, Judy had ensured all the legal paperwork was correct and the couple could marry.

The call was sent out and within hours Max and Kay’s dream team was pulled together: Flowers (Flowers with Love), photographer (Mark – Timeless Creations), decorated cake (Cakery Bakery) bridal hair and makeup (Felicity McLauchlan), Ellen Boag (Creative Flair) gifted a gorgeous wedding photo commemorative candle, and Marriage Celebrant/Wish Leader (Judy Zilber) were all on board to gift a truly memorable occasion to this beautiful couple.

Max looked very handsome in his suit and tie and Kay, with her hair and makeup done and a lovely outfit was a radiant bride. Check out the photos – they just adore each other! The ceremony, held in a courtyard filled with flowering wisteria vines within the hospital grounds, was attended by about 20 invited family from their hometown of Goulburn, on Friday afternoon. It was a short ceremony and Max and Kay’s daughters selected lovely verses to recite to their parents. After the official documents were signed and the ceremonial cake cutting, photos were taken and the family held a small party in the courtyard.

What a wonderful day for everyone involved. Thank you Max and Kay and the amazing Canberra My Wedding Wish team for giving such a treasured gift!

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:


Judy Zilber


Cakery Bakery

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Flowers with Love

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Hair and Make-up:

Felicity McLachlan


Timeless Creations

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Creative Flair

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