Nadine and Hector

My Wedding Wish CEO (and Celebrant) was thrilled to marry this fabulous couple on the 15 January 2022 on the Sunshine Coast. 

Hector and Nadine met 13 years ago when Nadine was travelling in Mexico. They instantly fell in love but couldn’t act on it as Nadine had a partner and had to return to Australia. The couple exchanged email addresses and a cheeky kiss and thought they would never see each other again.

When Nadine got back to Australia she couldn’t get Hector out of her thoughts and she separated from her partner. She decided to save money and go back to the small beachside town of Mazunte to find Hector again.


When she was working she asked a work colleague if he could download a learn to speak Spanish course for her, and at a work party soon after, and a few to many drinks, Nadine ended up going home with the guy. They instantly fell pregnant with twins and decided to give it a go. The pregnancy was a very rare twin pregnancies as the boys only had 1 placenta instead of two. Unfortunately, one of the twins, Julian, passed away in utero. His brother Jasper decided to try and save his brother’s life and transfused his blood into his brother in an attempt to save his life. Instead, Jasper lost too much blood and therefore, oxygen to the brain. He was born at 30 weeks with severe brain damage resulting in spastic quad cerebral palsy.

Jasper’s dad and Nadine tried to make it work for nine years but the strain of the whole situation was simply too much. After they separated, Nadine’s best friend who had travelled with her in Mexico and knew about Hector, visited her to borrow some jewellery to go on a date with her partner. Nadine went to the bathroom and picked up the bracelet that Hector had given her. She had never worn the bracelet as had gained weight and it had just sat on the bathroom shelf for nine years. As she held the bracelet, she noticed a name engraved on the inside and in that moment her heart stopped, and she knew she had found him again.

She searched for him on Facebook, found him straight away and sent a photo of her friend’s arm with the bracelet and asked,

“Do you remember me?”

He replied within a few minutes,

“Of course I remember you, how are you? Are you happy? Have you found love?”

And in that very second, she lost her heart to him once again. They messaged each other daily for 6 months and fell more and more in love every day. Soon they decided to meet each other in Bali and when they met in person it was clear they never wanted to be apart again.
They spent the most breath-taking two weeks in Bali and that’s where Hector proposed and of course Nadine I said “Yes!”. Both of them had to return to their lives and they cried as they were uncertain how long it would be until they would see each other again.

After being apart for months, Nadine decided to fly to Mexico to see Hector and meet his family. The couple spent an amazing few weeks together and again separated not knowing when they would see each other again.
Their separation didn’t last long and Hector decided he would move to Australia to be with Nadine and her children. After months of visa applications, Hector arrived in Australia and the couple had the most amazing month together until their blissful world came crashing down when Nadine was diagnosed with Stage 1 cervical cancer. Six weeks later the news went from bad to worse and the doctors told Nadine she was terminal and they couldn’t treat her in Australia.

In the height of the Covid epidemic, Nadine flew to Germany to receive lifesaving treatment. In the 6 months she was away, the children’s father and Hector lived together and helped one other to get through. When Nadine returned she weighed 41kgs and was unable to walk. She clawed her way back to life thanks to the help of her mother and Hector, and the love of her children; with her close-knit friends cheering her on the whole way. Nadine says if it wasn’t for these people she wouldn’t be here today.

Nadine had 3 months of blissfulness being cancer free and she was feeling better every day until in 2021 the doctors told her the cancer has metastasised to her lungs. Once again, Nadine was terminal.  After 18 weeks of chemotherapy Nadine had lost all her hair, had no energy and because the chemo didn’t work the doctors told her they wouldn’t be able to kill the cancer, but they could keep it at bay for as long as possible.

For most people the whole situation would have been too much, and they would have left, but not Hector. He’s stuck by Nadine through thick and thin and their love grows stronger every day.


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