Naha and Melissa (sadly the wedding did not take place)

Mel and Naha meet at a local pub back in 1999. Naha was out having a drink with Mel’s sister as they worked together.  The couple talked for about 2 hours that night, then Naha left. 

About 2 months later Naha was invited to Mel’s sister’s baby shower, and that’s where the couple really hit it off.

In the year 2000 the ladies were blessed with a baby boy, who today they are both so proud of. They’ve now been together for 19 years and thankful that Australia has passed the same sex marriage.


Both Naha and Mel believe their relationship is something very special as they have both found their soulmate. There is an 18 year age gap between them and Mel says, “but for some reason we just click. Naha slows me down, and I speed her up. She’s my rock.”.

24th October has always been their anniversary date but 24th October this year didn’t bring good news – it was the day they found out Naha had cancer.  Mel says: “Our anniversary will no longer be on that day.”

Sadly the future for Mel and Naha has been cut very short, so they only live day by day. But if it was a miracle that Naha’s cancer was cured, Mel says their future together would be unbelievable, “We would travel the world together and grow old hand in hand.”

 Sadly, Naha passed the day before her wedding, never having her dream met.