Neil and Linda

Neil and Linda’s story has really touched our hearts! 

Late Saturday afternoon (23rd June 2018), Head Office of My Wedding Wish received a phone call from a Social Worker from Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, explaining that Neil and Linda wanted to be married on the Monday morning (25th June).  Was it possible?

Neil’s double lung transplant (a result of COPD) had failed and his dying wish after 18 years and two children together, was to marry his life partner, Linda in front of their children, and close family. 

Lynette, our CEO answered, ‘Yes, I think we can do that – we’ll certainly give it a try’.   

As many of you know there are legal requirements to be married – a month’s notice is required, and clearly Neil did not have a month.  Lynette called Brisbane Wish Leader, Jenny Ashen, who calmly and professionally pulled together an amazingly generous team of suppliers who all agreed to work towards making Neil’s dying wish come true. 

The only obstacle was getting around the legal requirements (and dealing with a large government department).  We’ve had mixed dealings with organisations like this, so we were a bit worried the paperwork would be missed, or the Shortening denied – in which case we were preparing to go ahead with a non-legal commitment ceremony. 

At first light on Monday morning, Jenny contacted Births Deaths and Marriages, Brisbane and requested a Shortening of Time and to everyone’s joy, it was granted immediately.

The wedding was on and our suppliers jumped to work. 

Hair and makeup happened in the hospital, flowers were delivered, Robyn, the Celebrant and Monique, the photographer arrived, cake arrived, staff, family and friends gathered, and Jenny co-ordinated the whole ceremony.

The love in the room was tangible – there were tears all round, cuddles from the children, Neil looked lovingly at his wife and family, and cried softly throughout.  Robyn cried, Monique cried, and here at Head Office, well, we cried too when we saw the photos. 

Emotions so raw can’t be ignored.  And it’s why we started My Wedding Wish and why so many suppliers want to be part of what we do.  Making dreams come true.

18 years together, Neil and Linda were finally joined in marriage.

The next day, Neil’s life support was turned off. 

And we all cried again.

The Wedding Wish Suppliers – who generously donated their services to support this amazing couple’s wedding:

Wish Leader:

Jenny Ashen

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Robyn Wagner



High Tea by Horton



Samantha Shellard





Hair and Makeup:

Sharlene's Hair Carers


Monique from Willow and Finch