Rene and Meagan

Rene and Meagan met about 8 years ago at work and just hit it off right away.  They found they could talk to each other about everything and anything with no judgement.  They remained really good friends over the next few years as their lives went in different directions.  But it would always brighten Meagan’s day when she’d see Ren unexpectedly or talk to him on the phone.  They started seeing each other about 3 years ago and have both finally found their home-Together!!!

Rene, who is battling Gastro Intestinal cancer, has fought a very brave fight, up until 7 months ago when he was told that they had no more chemo medication for him.  He has steadily declined, and the only treatment for him has been radiation.  Doctors treat one area and then another, and then another so Rene is weak, tired and in pain a lot of time.

The past 12 months have been tough for the couple.  Rene is one of the good guys and it pains Meagan to see all that he goes through with such strength and positivity.

“HE IS MY HERO!!”, she says.  Rene has lost most of his mobility it upsets him that he can no longer carry and cuddle his grandson (Rubin) and play with my son (Oliver).  They have laughed together, cried together, faced doctors telling us there is no more they can do.  Through all of this, their love and compassion has never faulted.  Meagan says, “As long as we have one another we can tackle anything.”

What does the future hold for this gorgeously loving and giving couple who adore their beautiful family?  “One day at a time with love in our hearts and passion in our soul.”

Update: Sadly, Rene passed on the 17 February 2017.

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