Wedding Wish Application

Please fill out all required information before submitting. Incomplete forms will not be considered. The more information you give us the better able we are to consider your application. We will contact you for further information, if necessary.

Weddings are granted to those couples where one or both parties have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with less than 5 years’ life expectancy. *Please ask if you’re not sure.

Applications are open all year throughout Australia.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS (if you’re unsure, please send an email to

Applicants must comprehend, agree to and comply with the terms of all applications and contracts they sign throughout the wish granting process.

PLEASE NOTE: There is documentation required to be uploaded with this form. The form cannot be saved part filled so please read all requirements, get your documentation together and then complete this form.

Please fill in this form with as much information as possible.
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*Please note that written medical proof from a GP, oncologist or other medical professional will need to be supplied prior to the wish being granted.

Please note that all legal requirements must be fulfilled before a wedding conducted under the Marriage Act 1961 can be solemnised. If the successful recipients cannot fulfil all legal requirements, a legal wedding cannot be conducted - in some cases commitment ceremonies may be considered.

The application is made up of four sections;

1. The couple's contact information
2. General information about the couple and their relationship
3. Medical history
4. Agreement to My Wedding Wish terms and conditions


Please complete the contact details below. The applicant is the person with the terminal illness.




In a separate document (typewritten and to be uploaded) - please answer the following questions:

  1. Tell us how you met and your love story
  2. What makes your relationship special?
  3. What obstacles, loss or hardship have you been faced with?
  4. How do you foresee the future?
  5. Please attach to the application a favourite current photo of you both

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,jpg,png. Maximum file size: 2mb.
Attached a photo that truly says everything about you and your partner. Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,jpg,png.


(Due to privacy issues, you will need to let the Physician know that we may contact them. If you do not wish us to contact your physician, you will need to provide other information to confirm your illness).


Please note any doctor's diagnosis and prognosis MUST be confirmed in writing to My Wedding Wish.

* There are no guarantees what aspects of the wedding/commitment ceremony will be gifted. Typically, My Wedding Wish arranges the ceremony only and very rarely are receptions and honeymoons gifted. However, all gift offers are passed onto our Wish recipients.

In applying for a gifted wedding through My Wedding Wish, I understand and agree to the following:

All travel for this wish will be the responsibility of the wish recipients.

My Wedding Wish reserves the right to cancel a wish for any reason after it has been granted. This cancellation can be due to false information provided by the wish applicant, the applicant breaking any part of the My Wedding Wish Contract, information coming to My Wedding Wish regarding the recipient or family member's ability to pay for the event hosted by My Wedding Wish.

Assisted application

If the My Wedding Wish applicant is unable to fill out this information on their own, please indicate the name, phone number and email of the person assisting, if they are the main contact person for this application.